November 2020
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November 2020

As we all wait for the sweet release of Thanksgiving Break (408 hours remaining), we hope you are managing to stay on top of your pile! This month, HUB Charter wants to highlight a couple items that might be useful in the current management of your school. We’ve been helping charter schools navigate unchartered territory over the last eight months since the pandemic started. If you find yourself in unchartered territory and would like to hear how other charters are dealing with similar issues, give us a call.



Backup Child Care

We are hearing about the complexities of school’s reopening and the strain it places on teachers, especially for those with their own children they must care for during the day. If you are struggling with situations like this, take a look at Back Up Care. This program is designed to help working parents get the support they may need to personally get through the day. Let us know if you would like to learn more.


Return to Work Playbook

We know there are numerous “Return to Work” resources you are being pummeled with. If you are working through this and have questions about what other charter schools are doing, give us a call. Specifically for charters that use Kaiser, but generally as well, the Kaiser Return to Work Playbook provides a thorough document with reminders, guidelines and information you may find helpful.  Click here for this playbook. 


Coronavirus Compounds K-12 Cybersecurity Problems

Cybersecurity experts have warned about coronavirus pandemic-related phishing scams targeting all sectors of the economy, from health care and consumer products to banking. Now, schools are being warned to be extra vigilant too. Click here to continue reading. 


Visit HUB International's Coronavirus Resource Center

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