October 2020
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October 2020: Failure to Educate Claims, HR Toolkit

This month, we are highlighting the Recent Rise of Failure to Educate claims and the HR Toolkit: School Reopening Considerations. We hope you know we are here to serve as a resource for any charter organization. Please reach out if you need any assistance with managing the new normal.



Failure to Educate Claims are on the Rise with Virtual Learning Models

COVID-19 has been a major disruptor for many industries. Chief among them is education, where schools that have opted to use some form of distance learning are facing new failure to educate claims. Many of these claims pertain to students with functional needs receiving therapies through schools and those that are on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). However, we have also observed claims from families of students who are not on IEPs, but who oppose distance learning options. Click here to read more.


HR Toolkit: School Reopening Considerations

Since a return to onsite learning appears to be on the horizon for many schools, we want to provide this HR Toolkit: School Reopening ConsiderationsWe believe a quick review will trigger several thoughts you may not have considered in your own school's reopening. 

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