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Leadership Styles for Turbulent Times

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, fast paced, and volatile, traditional family business leadership approaches are being called into question. A transformational leadership style and the ability to navigate complex problems have become essential leadership characteristics. This article offers practical advice for cultivating the skills, behaviors, and attitudes to lead your family business into a successful future.



Compounding Your Family's Wealth: Building a Multigenerational, Family Enterprise Wealth Portfolio

Live, Online Program | November 10-12, 2021 (half days)

Growing your family’s total wealth—all of your jointly-owned businesses, investments, and assets—across generations requires more than placing good bets. This live online program teaches families how to create a wealth development strategy that will withstand today’s challenges and build value through the next generation.

Over three half-days, families will learn how to assess whether their family enterprise wealth portfolio is designed to grow the value they want to create, develop skills for crafting their wealth development strategy for their next growth stage, and explore governance and leadership approaches critical for long-term value creation.




The Value of a Family Office

Wealthy families have a lot of complexity to manage across their assets, businesses, activities, and many dimensions of their lives. To manage it all, families are wise to consider creating a private family office to replace the labyrinth of independent advisors they oversee. In this article, we provide a deep-dive into the benefits and services that a dedicated family office can provide to a family.



Online Survey: Research Study on The Future of Family Enterprise

What will the future be like for family enterprises?  We invite members of enterprising families to take our 15-minute survey to provide your perspective on the forces and trends that are changing the landscape for family enterprises, and the mindsets and practices required to prosper during and beyond the 2020s. In appreciation, a charitable donation will be made to an organization of your choice upon survey completion.



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By popular demand: Ask Us Anything

Q: Has leadership succession in family businesses changed in today’s disruptive environment? What are the timeframe and steps for transitioning family business leadership to the next generation in this modern day?

A: The transition from senior to next gen leadership typically is a gradual process over a ten-or-more year period. It can be smoothly planned and implemented but sometimes may run into a generational squeeze or a generational gap. Fortunately, there are solutions for both of those problems.

2022 Programs

We are excited to announce our lineup of in-person and online programs for 2022. Learn more and register now to reserve your family’s spot.

Making Family Councils More Effective

Live, Online Program
March 1–4, 2022 (half days)


Effective family governance is needed today more than ever. Family Councils must drive and support families’ efforts to prepare for the future. In this live, online program, Family Council members around the world learn how to make their Family Councils more strategic, forward thinking, and respected.


Building a Worldclass Board for the Family Enterprise

In-Person | Boston
September 11–14, 2022


A well-constructed Board, working in partnership with owners and senior executives, is invaluable for growing family wealth and shaping the future of a multigenerational family enterprise. This program will accelerate the development and revitalization of your family enterprise’s corporate governance system.


Future Family Enterprise at MIT

In-Person | MIT Campus, Boston
April 3–8, 2022


How can multigenerational family enterprises survive and thrive in our turbulent times? During this in-person program, multigenerational family teams learn about the future, assess how they will be impacted, gain practical concepts and practices, and create tailored road maps for enduring success


Founder to Family at MIT

In-Person | MIT Campus, Boston
May 16–20, 2022


Post-founder succession is a critical milestone for family businesses. If the transition to the second generation is not managed well, the perpetuation of the family business is at risk. This in-person program provides a forum for the founder(s) and second generation to gain vital understandings, have critical conversations, and develop plans to transition their founder-business into a family-business.