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AAHOA Members in North Carolina are reporting a new scam targeting night auditors or other night shift employees.

A scammer will call the hotel in the middle of the night or the early morning and pretend to be the hotel owner or a representative from a utility company or fire alarm company. The caller presents a story about bills needing to be paid immediately and asks the hotel employee to “help” transfer funds to them. Employees are asked to get cash from the safe, the cash drawer, or even from their own funds, and send it through a money transfer service at a gas station or other local business or by purchasing Bitcoin and transferring it.

To combat this scam, please make all your team members, especially your night auditor, aware of these types of calls and put a policy in place to address scams like this. Let your team members know that you will never call and demand them to wire cash or make payments in the dead of night.

If your hotel fell victim to this scam or is targeted, please report it to your local police.