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Update for Wednesday, July 29

AAHOA is bringing you the latest information as it relates to COVID-19 and your business.

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  • AAHOACON20: Dozens of industry leaders, legends to share insights in less than two weeks
  • HOPE Act: Reps. Van Taylor and Al Lawson introduce new legislation to help hoteliers
  • COVID-19 Relief: Debate begins as Senate GOP release economic stimulus package
  • HotStats: How government loan assistance has helped prop up hotel profitability
  • Tomorrow’s Virtual Event: AAHOA North Pacific Region – How to Utilize Technology to Ensure Safety
  • Tomorrow’s Webcast: Getting Back to Business: 5 Key Ways to Grow Your Hotel’s Reputation Fast
  • #AAHOASTRONG: Observe World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by getting trained to ID and end it

Dozens of Industry Leaders, Legends to Share Insights at AAHOACON20

Nearly two dozen respected leaders and experts from every corner of the industry are gathering at AAHOACON20 on August 11-13 to help give hotel owners a full picture of the industry landscape and to give them the critical info they need to determine next steps for their own businesses as they continue down the path toward recovery. Another highlight of AAHOACON20 will be the appearance of industry legends Harris Rosen and Horst Schulze, which you won’t want to miss.

You won’t find this kind of high-level industry content anywhere else and it will not be made available after the event, so check out our website for sessions, speakers, and more and register today!

New HOPE Act Would Aid Cash-Strapped Commercial Property Owners

Reps. Van Taylor (R-TX) and Al Lawson (D-FL) are introducing a bill to provide cash to struggling hotels and shopping centers that weren’t able to pause mortgage payments after the coronavirus shut down the U.S. economy. The HOPE Act, expected Wednesday, would set up a government-backed funding vehicle businesses could tap to stay current on their mortgages. It is meant in particular to help those who borrowed in the $550 billion market for mortgages that are packaged into bonds and sold to Wall Street.

Thanks to reps. Taylor and Lawson for your leadership in introducing the HOPE Act in supporting America’s hotel owners. Read the full article here.


Debate Begins as Senate Republicans Release Their COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package

Senate Republicans released their COVID-19 economic stimulus package on Monday. Now, negotiations are underway as lawmakers seek common ground between the GOP’s HEALS Act and the Democrats’ HEROES Act, which the House passed back in May. (Compare the two bills here.) As the debate begins, AAHOA remains committed to promoting our industry priorities that address the needs of hotel owners.

You can do your part by signing our priorities letter to Congress and engaging your legislators on social media.

HotStats: How Government Loan Assistance Has Helped Prop Up Hotel Profitability

As many in the hotel industry have found themselves floundering under the deluge that is the coronavirus pandemic, governments across the world have thrown them a much-needed life preserver. However, keeping up with all the different assistance programs available can be a daunting task. HotStats takes a look at some of the programs available to help keep hotels afloat.

Tomorrow’s Virtual Event: AAHOA North Pacific Region – How to Utilize Technology to Ensure Safety

Join us at 2 p.m. EDT tomorrow, July 30 for AAHOA North Pacific Region: How to Utilize Technology to Ensure Safety as North Pacific Regional Director Kamalesh (KP) Patel hosts Dmitry Koltunov, Co-Founder and CTO, ALICE; and Jeff Parker, Work Group Administrator, HTNG. They’ll be discussing technologies that can help increase safety without a significant investment, how to keep team members safe, and how to prepare guests prior to arrival. Don’t miss it, add to your calendar today.

Tomorrow: Getting Back to Business: 5 Key Ways to Grow Your Hotel’s Reputation Fast

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels must be more creative than ever before when it comes to marketing and consumer engagement in order to entice back travelers. Join us at 1 p.m. EDT tomorrow, July 30 to learn how to promote and host events, including virtual ones, tailored to your guests, and find out how to utilize guest loyalty programs to help your hotel stand out among your competition, and more. Register now.

Observe World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by Getting Trained to ID It and Stop It

Tomorrow is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons and this year’s theme focuses on first responders. Though hoteliers aren’t first responders, you are in a unique position to be able to identify trafficking and help stop it. To help you do that, AAHOA offers on-demand, fully digital Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training Sponsored by AAHOA completely FREE to all AAHOA Members and your employees.

As the industry continues to navigate through this pandemic, there has never been a better time to complete this brief yet highly impactful training. Observe World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by earning your certificate today.