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Update for Tuesday, July 21

AAHOA is bringing you the latest information as it relates to COVID-19 and your business.

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Trade Show Will Offer 15 Hours of Virtual Networking, Connectivity with Industry Partners

When the 2020 AAHOA Virtual Convention & Trade Show kicks off August 11-13, we will use the latest interactive technology to bring you 15 hours of virtual trade show that will let you connect and network with AAHOA exhibitors as well as product and service providers. These Industry Partners are here to help you navigate the landscape with products and services that every hotelier needs to effectively and efficiently run their business.

You’ll be able to interact and live-chat with exhibitors in their virtual booths, set up one-on-one meetings to make deals, view live-streams of product demonstrations and ask questions, gain access to exhibitor documents, presentations, resources, and much more! You do not want to miss this unique virtual experience, so register now!

Just Launched Today! AAHOA/P&G Professional’s Training in Hotel Sanitization and Cleanliness

As businesses continue reopening and more people resume traveling, cleaning and disinfection are top of mind for everyone. For hoteliers, it’s critical to communicate that your property is cleaned and disinfected regularly to help reassure customers that it is safe to return. But hoteliers need to know about the latest guidance and recommendations to ensure the safety of their employees and guests.

That’s why AAHOA has partnered with P&G Professional, a worldwide leader and trusted name in professional-grade cleaning products, to create the AAHOA/P&G Professional’s Training in Hotel Sanitization and Cleanliness. This all-new, all-digital completely FREE program, which is being offered through the AAHOA Hotel Owners AcademyTM, covers what hoteliers need to know as it relates to the effective sanitization of their property, including infection prevention and control, high-touch points, sanitizing soft surfaces, and more! The program is available not only to AAHOA Members but to the entire hospitality industry. It also features a downloadable Resource Guide with more helpful information and resources from P&G Professional. Sign up for this valuable training today!

Join Us Tomorrow – AAHOA Upper Midwest Region: Proper Hotel Disinfecting and Instilling Consumer Confidence

Join us at 2 p.m. EDT tomorrow, Wednesday, July 22 for a virtual event, AAHOA Upper Midwest Region: Proper Hotel Disinfecting and Instilling Consumer Confidence, where Upper Midwest Regional Director Kalpesh Joshi will host a panel of experts from AAHOA Club Blue Partner Ecolab. You’ll learn more about hotel disinfecting, best practices, and how to move forward to create consumer confidence at your property.

Joshi will be joined by Neil Ramchandani, Senior Corporate Account Manager; Ben Conway, Principal Technical Specialist (R&D); and Elizabeth Graven, Assistant Marketing Manager from Ecolab. Register Now.


Investment to be a Hot Topic During AAHOA Vice Chair's HotelREBOOT Session

AAHOA Vice Chair Vinay Patel is among the featured guests on HotelREBOOT's “Podference” session tomorrow, July 22. Vinay will share his insights on the new rules of hotel investment for buying, selling, and building and what hoteliers must know to get the best deal possible during Panel 3: Refinance & Reinvest. The “Podference” sessions are designed to help hoteliers meet the challenges of the pandemic-ravaged marketplace. Register now.


Tune In Tomorrow: Hotel Transactions and COVID-19: The Uneven Road to Recovery

With cash-flow issues affecting so many, the recovery process for hotel transactions is likely to be uncertain and uneven through the end of the year and beyond. Moving forward, there will be a need for capital to support operations, facilitate debt restructuring, and make post-recovery improvements, particularly with FF&E reserves waived by lenders and brands. Tune in at 11 a.m. EDT tomorrow, July 22 as Hotel Transactions and COVID-19: The Uneven Road to Recovery.

Presented by The Hotel School at Cornell University, this discussion will explore how the record amount of capital that has been raised for real estate in general – and hotels specifically – will be deployed, where investors will find opportunities, how hotel properties will be valued, and whether “straight asset sales” will be replaced by note purchases, structured transactions, and other forms of capital infusions. Register now.

Join Us Tomorrow – Getting Back to Business: Tangible, Tactical Business Generation Ideas for Hotels

There is no magic wand to wave to restore hotels to pre-pandemic occupancy levels, so hoteliers must take a precise and calculated approach to entice travelers to return. Join us at 1 p.m. EDT tomorrow, Wednesday, July 22, for Getting Back to Business: Tangible, Tactical Business Generation Ideas for Hotels to learn what steps you can take.

A panel of hotel sales, marketing, and revenue management experts will share specific ideas for how you can search for the "needles in the haystack" that will keep your hotel going as you continue down the road to recovery. Register now.


HotStats: How Consulting Data Can Help Build Your Profit Back

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the hospitality industry with a 1-2 punch worthy of “Iron” Mike Tyson, decimating public and employee health, and causing the loss of nearly 200 million jobs worldwide. Hoteliers were left laying on the mat looking up in a daze and wondering if anybody got the license plate of that tractor trailer truck. But now it’s time to get up and fight back, and HotStats has a plan. In its latest article, How Consulting Data Can Help Build Your Profit Back,

the hotel benchmarking firm examines how hoteliers can use data to soften the impact of the inevitable future blows the virus will undoubtedly throw and emerge from the COVID-19 era in better shape. Read the full report here.