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  1. Take Further Action: CARES Act falls short
  2. New Resources: Two new AAHOA one-pagers added today
  3. Take Local Action: Tell state and local leaders to support hoteliers
  4. AAHOA Webcasts: More coming this week and available on-demand
  5. Take Action: Tweet this message to your governor
  6. Rumor Control: FEMA’s new rumor-control webpage
  7. AAHOA Statement: “Get past the politics and do right by the people”
  8. SBA: New deferments announced today

Further Action Needed: CARES Act Falls Short
Congress convened over the weekend to discuss legislation intended to provide stimulus for the American economy, called the CARES Act. Many of you have already written to your officials in the last 48 hours. In the current working draft of CARES Act, the maximum loan amount for small businesses to meet payroll and other operating expenses will not cover nearly enough of those expenses. Congress is moving quickly, and we urge you to sign this letter to your public officials now to ensure America's hotel owners' voices are heard loud and clear during the voting process.
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What this means for you: The maximum loan amount for small businesses intended for payroll and operating costs under Section 1102 is the average total monthly payroll times 2.5. Small business owners will not be able to pay employees if they can’t cover their mortgages and other expenses to keep businesses open. Urge your members of Congress to change the formula of the maximum loan amount to be the average total of operating expenses over 12 months, times four months, with a cap of $10 million. Hoteliers must receive meaningful relief in order to effectively save local jobs and stimulate the economy.

AAHOA Created One-Pagers on Topics that are Top of Mind for Hotel Owners
In effort to help both franchised and independent property owners, AAHOA is creating a series of one-pagers that discuss the implications on the most important topics. We’ve released two new ones today! While AAHOA does not provide business or legal advice or representation to anyone, AAHOA goes to great lengths to ensure the information it provides is accurate and useful.

Today’s Releases

Other Topics

What this means for you: Use these resources as reference when making decisions and deciding how best to proceed in your business. More topics and one-pagers will be released shortly. If you have a recommendation on what you’d like to see created, email us at

Tell Your State and Local Leaders to Support Hoteliers!
In every state, city and town, America's hardworking hoteliers and employees are hurting from COVID-19. AAHOA is working around the clock to advocate for our members during this difficult time. State and local lawmakers need to hear your story. Using the letter we created for you, tell your leaders the following:

  • Tell your state and local leaders to designate hotels as essential businesses
  • Share your personal story on how COVID-19 is impacting your business
  • Support relief from state and local hotel tax payments
  • Support relief from state and local property tax payments
  • Support relief from state and local business tax payments
  • Support relief from state and local sales tax payments
  • Support relief from municipally owned utility bills
  • Support economic development programs, grants and loans for business owners

Sign the Letter

What this means for you: When you take action, you make a difference. AAHOA Members are the heart, soul, and economic engine of the hotel industry. We are working very hard to ensure lawmakers hear our members’ concerns loud and clear.

More Webcasts Coming This Week
AAHOA created a series of COVID-19 webcasts that will keep you informed and help determine next steps for your business. AAHOA is making these webcasts available to the entire industry, so be sure to share with those in your network, whether they're an AAHOA Member or not.

Read today’s reporting on these webcasts from Hotel News Now.

Upcoming Webcasts

More are being added shortly!

Webcasts Available On-Demand

What this means for you: AAHOA is averaging more than one webcast a day to help hotel owners amid this crisis. And our work isn’t done! Stay tuned for the latest webcasts to be released in the coming days. What’s different about AAHOA’s resources is that they’re created specifically for hotel owners.

A Message to America’s Governors from America’s Hotel Owners
Aahoa drafted a letter for America’s governors to implore them to consider hotels as “essential services” and be kept open during this unprecedented crisis. Use this copy of the letter to send to your elected officials, or head over to AAHOA’s Twitter account, and retweet tagging your governor. Many hoteliers have already joined us in this effort, and we thank them for taking swift action. Just today, we saw that Michigan hotels were deemed “essential” by Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21, which is a huge win for Michigan’s hoteliers. For more information on policy developments in your community, visit MultiState Associates' COVID-19 Policy Tracker.
Share the Letter

What this means for you: Hotels are important in providing lodging to the general public as well as other essential personnel (doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, grocers, etc.) during this pandemic. Hotels are also stepping up to work with state/commonwealth and local governments to provide shelter to citizens at this critical time. There are thousands of people currently staying in hotels who would be rendered homeless if hotels are not deemed essential and forced to close. Take action and tell your state and local officials to keep hotels open at this time.

FEMA Releases Rumor-Control Webpage
FEMA created a page on its website to help the public distinguish between rumors and facts regarding the response to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For more information on the coronavirus, please visit You can also visit our coronavirus (COVID-19) response page for more updates on the federal response. Also follow state and local officials for instructions and information specific to your community.

  • Myth: There is a national lockdown and the entire country will be quarantined for two weeks
  • Myth: FEMA has deployed military assets
  • Myth: I need to stockpile as many groceries and supplies as I can
  • Myth: I heard that the government is sending $1,000 checks. How do I sign up?
  • Myth: Only those over 60 years of age and those with existing health problems are at risk from the coronavirus

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What this means for you: Because rumors can easily circulate within communities during a crisis, it’s important for AAHOA Members to stay informed with the facts.

AAHOA Statement on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act: “Get Past Politics and Do Right by the People”
AAHOA President & CEO Cecil P. Staton issued the following statement on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security (CARES) Act that failed a procedural vote yesterday:

“This is a critical time for America’s small businesses and workers. They simply cannot wait. Congress must come together and do the right thing. While we believe that the CARES Act does not provide enough relief to small business owners or their employees, it is a step towards where we need to be. Millions of Americans face unemployment, and businesses face a devastating liquidity crisis. Our economy is imploding, and the costs of partisan gridlock have never been greater.
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What this means for you: We are calling for swift congressional action to forestall the liquidity crisis facing small business owners. The COVID19 pandemic is quickly driving occupancy rates toward zero, and hotel owners face a liquidity crisis unparalleled in recent history. This is why Congress must provide real economic relief now. Sign the letter to your public officials now to ensure America's hotel owners' voices are heard loud and clear during the voting process.

New Deferments Announced Today
Today, U.S. Small Business Administration Administrator Jovita Carranza announced changes to help borrowers still paying back SBA loans from previous disasters. By making this change, deferments through December 31, 2020, will be automatic. Now, borrowers of home and business disaster loans do not have to contact SBA to request deferment.

“The SBA is looking at every option and taking every action to cut red tape to make it easier for small businesses to stay in business. Automatically deferring existing SBA disaster loans through the end of the year will help borrowers during this unprecedented time,” said Administrator Carranza
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What this means for you: If you had an already existing SBA disaster loan, you’ll be able to automatically defer payments through the end of 2020. Less red tape means you can free up capital for other areas of your business.