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AAHOA is bringing you the latest information as it relates to COVID-19 and your business.

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  1. Important Video Update: Cecil P. Staton addresses America’s hotel owners
  2. Take Action: Tell Congress to support hoteliers
  3. Webcast Series: Six new webcasts added today!
  4. AAHOA Downloads: One-pagers on topics that are top of mind
  5. Volunteer Your Property: Hotel procurement for COVID-related purposes
  6. Disaster Loan Assistance: Federal disaster loans for businesses

AAHOA President & CEO Cecil P. Staton’s Video Message for America’s Hotel Owners
In a special video message, AAHOA President & CEO Cecil P. Staton addresses America’s hotel owners during these unprecedented times. “We’re in extraordinary times. Hoteliers are facing enormous challenges as coronavirus wreaks havoc on the entire world and has all but stopped travel, slowing our economy to a halt. I want you to know AAHOA is here for you and committed to helping America’s hoteliers weather this storm,” Staton said.
Watch the Video

What this means for you: AAHOA is working around the clock to bring relief and resources that can make a difference. Watch the video to learn more about these efforts and what AAHOA is doing to help you, the hotel owner, amid this crisis.

Tell Congress to Support Hoteliers
The coronavirus pandemic is inflicting significant financial strains upon hoteliers across the country. Many are now worried about making payroll and paying their mortgage. Now, more than ever, Congress must protect those affected most by the coronavirus. Please sign this letter. It will be sent to your specific members of the U.S. House and Senate. Track AAHOA's impact on Capitol Hill live here!
Sign the Letter

What this means for you: Your voice counts, and every message makes a difference! Today alone, we’ve sent 6,000+ messages. When hoteliers come together, they can drive change that impacts us all. Sign the letter today.

Six New Webcasts Added Today!
AAHOA is bringing you a series of webcasts that will keep you informed and help determine next steps for your business as it relates to COVID-19. AAHOA is making these webcasts available to the industry, so be sure to share with those in your network, whether they're an AAHOA Member or not. Today alone, AAHOA added six more webcasts to the lineup!

Upcoming Webcasts

What this means for you: AAHOA’s work is not done! We’re continually researching more topics and presenters and will bring you more topics in the weeks to come. What’s different about AAHOA’s resources is that they’re created specifically for hotel owners.

AAHOA Created One-Pagers on Topics that are Top of Mind for Hotel Owners
In effort to help both franchised and independent property owners, AAHOA is creating a series of one-pagers that discuss the implications on the most important topics. While AAHOA does not provide business or legal advice or representation to anyone, AAHOA goes to great lengths to ensure the information it provides is accurate and useful.

Latest Topics

What this means for you: Use these resources as reference when making decisions and deciding how best to proceed in your business. More topics and one-pagers will be released shortly. If you have a recommendation on what you’d like to see created, email us at

Government Hotel Procurement for COVID-Related Purposes
AAHOA is actively working with our partners in government and industry as it relates to State, Local, and Federal outreach to hotel owners regarding leasing/purchasing of hotels to meet the demand for immediate housing of individuals impacted by COVID-19. Please fill out this form is you might be interested in volunteering your property, and look to your inbox for more in the coming days.
Fill Out the Form

What this means for you: Across the country, communities are looking for hotels to help with housing needs. Each state and locality has a different agreement to offer in terms of sanitation and room rates. If you are interested in helping, please fill out our form, and AAHOA will ask officials in your community to contact you with information.

Disaster Loan Assistance: Federal Disaster Loans for Businesses
SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza approved the EIDL Governor applications for the following eight states Wednesday: New Hampshire, North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts. This brings the total number of states or territories that are qualified to have their residents apply for disaster assistance to 18. Those eligible state residents can apply at (California, Washington, Maine and Connecticut, Utah, Rhode Island, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana and District of Columbia were already approved.) Please also note that some counties that are contiguous to these states may also be eligible.

For example, because the application from the District of Columbia was approved, the contiguous counties of Montgomery and Prince George’s in Maryland; and Alexandria (City), Arlington County and Fairfax County in Virginia are also eligible.
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What this means for you: More states approved mean more resources for America’s small business owners. If your state is on the list, research available options. AAHOA will keep you apprised of future developments.