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AAHOA is bringing you the latest information as it relates to COVID-19 and your business.

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Please be sure to read the latest information you receive from brands. As the situation rapidly changes, they're sending out communications to franchisees often. 


  1. AAHOA Franchisee Updates: Read the latest AAHOA information for franchisees
  2. AAHOA Webcast Series: Register for tomorrow’s webcast about financing challenges
  3. From Fisher & Phillips: Access the latest employer templates and resources
  4. CDC: The latest announcements, resources, and webpages
  5. New COVID-19 Dashboard: Access executive orders, state of emergency declarations, local actions, and more in one place

An Update for Franchisees from Chairwoman Jagruti Panwala and President & CEO Cecil P. Staton
We are deeply saddened and concerned by the continued spread of COVID-19 in our country and our world and its impact on our industry and your businesses. We want to let you know we hear you, and we are advocating for you with your brands. As an industry, we are all in this together, and in these challenging times, unity is needed more than ever…
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What this means for you: AAHOA continues to have engagement with brand senior leadership to address all franchisee concerns during this dynamic situation. Read the letter, communications from brands, and update your info in so you can receive AAHOA brand-specific updates as it relates to COVID-19 response.

COVID-19 AAHOA Webcast Series Lineup Is Live on
In the wake of the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry, AAHOA is bringing you a series of webcasts that will keep you informed and help determine next steps for your business. Visit to register for our upcoming webinars.

Tomorrow’s Webcast
The Impact of COVID-19 on America’s Hotel Owners: Addressing Financing Challenges
Hear from an experienced lender on best practices to manage existing debt through the extreme financial strain caused by COVID-19. Understand how to best present yourself so lenders will work with you. Also, hear about the current lending landscape from the lender’s perspective.
Time: 3-3:30 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, March 18
Presenter: Peter Berk, President, PMZ Realty Capital LLC - Hotel Finance Group
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What this means for you: AAHOA is partnering with leading organizations to bring you the most relevant content and information that can help you, as a hotelier, navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

Workplace Templates and Resources from Fisher & Phillips LLP
To boost government response to COVID-19, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. It includes many provisions that apply to employers. To help America’s hotel owners, Fisher & Phillips has prepared resources and templates that can help employers navigate commonly asked questions, positive testing results, remote work policies, and info employers can share with employees. All of these resources are also accessible via

What this means for you: Download these resources and customize to your business as needed. These are only templates and are not intended to be used without first (1) tailoring it to your fact scenario and (2) consulting competent legal counsel about your specific situation.

State and Local COVID-19 Response Information
Because executive orders, state of emergency declarations, and local actions differ by state, MultiState Associates assembled a helpful COVID-19 dashboard that organizes information by states and localities. There is a wealth of information and helpful resources included that are easy to find based on your location and state.
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What this means for you: With this resource, you can quickly access the latest restrictions, closures, curfews, contacts, executive orders, and more a concise format.

CDC Tackles Rumor Control, Creates What Is New Page, and Releases Spanish-Language Resources
In effort to control rumors around COVID-19, the CDC has created a Myth/Fact webpage, in addition to posting the most up-to-date information on its What Is New page, which includes the latest fact sheets and external communication materials on COVID-19. In addition, Spanish-language communications resources can be found here. Of course, content is continuing to be updated daily.

What this means for you: For employees who may need translated resources, share the Spanish-language site so they have the most up-to-date information; and check the What Is New page so you can determine the latest information and guidance being released from the CDC.