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Building Success
January 2020

This is the final newsletter in a series of six on Agri Business Law dealing with the life cycle of a farm from start-up to disposition.

Ian Shewan
Practice Group Leader

Lerners' Business Law Group
Selling a farm in Ontario

When selling a farm, it is important you consider the value, plan for taxes, and reduce any future liability. The reasons for selling a farm vary. Perhaps a developer has presented an attractive offer for the property, the farmer may simply be ready to retire, or the farmer may be consolidating their farm or relocating.

If you’re ready to sell farmland in Ontario, we’ve outlined five steps that you should be aware of in order to make an informed decision.

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What happens when a farmer dies

Death is not an easy topic, but it is a reality of life. This is often why estate planning and wills are left to the bottom of the to-do list for many people, including farmers. Yet for a farmer, their property is more than just a home. It is also a business and the family’s livelihood. As with any business owner, it’s essential to protect this business and its assets in the event of death.

In this article, we will outline key considerations for estate planning for farmers and explain what happens when the principal farmer dies. We will also answer another common question: what happens if a farmer dies without a will?

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