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What makes Valin different is our people. Our technical specialists have years of experience solving complex issues. Their application expertise, product configuration knowledge and technical support has helped our customers increase efficiencies and lower their bottom line. Contact us today at (800) 774-5630 to learn more.
Featured Products
Cardinal Natural Cotton, 50 μm, 30-3/16 in, 304 SS Core, DOE

$17.18 / Each

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Omron E3NC-L Series Compact Laser Sensor
E3NC-LH03 5M

$381.10 / Each
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Cardinal CBCR Pressure Gauge, 0-300 PSI, 2.5" Dial

$11.38 / Each

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Fairchild Model 10 Pneumatic Precision Regulator 10222-FAIRCH

$117.89 / Each

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Mott GasShield High Purity IGS Flow Restrictor

$295.00 / Each
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Parker CPI union, 316SS, 1/2" single ferrule tube fitting 8-8 HBZ-SS

$26.32 / Each

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