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What makes Valin different is our people. Our technical specialists have years of experience solving complex issues. Their application expertise, product configuration knowledge and technical support has helped our customers increase efficiencies and lower their bottom line. Contact us today at (800) 774-5630 to learn more.

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Featured Products
Omron NS Series HMI Programmable Terminals have a complete set of functions that can be used at the production site along with a hand-held version.

$1,545.00 / Each
Actril Cold Sterilant is a powerful disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of viruses including COVID-19 and is eco-friendly.

$168.17 / Case
U.E. Precision Sensors High Purity Pressure Switches for clean gas applications. Highly accurate and repeatable design with tamper proof settings.

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IAI's RCP6 Series ROBO Cylinders offers a wide variety of models, loading capabilities and stroke lengths with numerous controller options.

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Mott's High Purity GasShield® Porous Metal Filter/Diffusers can reduce particle contamination and allow for increased wafer throughput in semiconductor processes.

$424.32 / Each
Watlow's flexible heaters are thin, bendable and shaped to fit almost any type of equipment without sacrificing the heat efficiency.

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