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What makes Valin different is our people. Our technical specialists have years of experience solving complex issues. Their application expertise, product configuration knowledge and technical support has helped our customers increase efficiencies and lower their bottom line. Contact us today at (800) 774-5630 to learn more.

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Featured Products
United Electric's Spectra 10 Series pressure switch is designed to meet most requirements for a variety of OEM and industrial applications.

$98.58 / Each
Omron's E2E-X5ME1 Standard Proximity Sensor is a tubular proximity sensor engineered for use with ferrous metal targets.

$82.65 / Each
Advantech's EKI-2525/2528 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch supports a fast Ethernet solution and is secured with double protection.

$99.25 / Each
UE Precision Sensors V8F Series Flow Switches are for applications in liquid or gaseous flows with either all-attitude or vertical mount.

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Watlow has a wide range of heater products that can be configured to address your unique application. Click on the shop now button below.

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Cardinal's Industrial Grade Polypropylene Filters have effective removal ratings at nominal 90% efficiency from 0.5 µm to 150 µm.

$10.13 / Each