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What makes Valin different is our people. Our technical specialists have years of experience solving complex issues. Their application expertise, product configuration knowledge and technical support has helped our customers increase efficiencies and lower their bottom line. Contact us today at (800) 774-5630 to learn more.

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Featured Products
Mott High Purity GasShield® Diffusers provide uniform and laminar gas flows without disturbing particles in the chamber.

$424.32 / Each
StoneL's Quartz series is durable, corrosion resistant, and versatile, making it ideal for most of your process valve monitoring requirements.

$367.50  / Each
The Jamesbury® polymer-seated flanged ball valves provide industry leading performance and reliability. 

$684.42 / Each
Omron's compact S8VM Series Switch Mode Power Supply has alarm outputs for under-voltage detection. 

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Parker CGA Seal Enhancers are used to connect high purity specialty gases in process applications.

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Parker's A-lok Cap is designed as a leak-free connection for process and instrumentation applications.

$14.77 / Each