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Preparing for the New Normal Together, from CFEG

Over the past fifteen months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been inspired by the resilience of enterprising families around the globe. The world is slowly and unevenly moving from crisis to recovery, but daunting challenges remain on many fronts. We are committed to helping you, your family, and your family enterprise to understand and navigate these still turbulent times and be prepared for the “new normal” that lies ahead.

Latest Insights


Enterprising families must be able to proactively manage their way through an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global landscape. Succeeding in this new future will require families to rethink traditional ways of doing business, work harder to build family unity, and take a leadership role in addressing tough societal problems. In this article, we offer six practices that can help enterprising families to ready their businesses and their families for this new normal.



Live, Online Program | July 19–20 and July 26–27, 2021 (half days)

Purpose-driven families are intensifying their commitment to tackle environmental, social, economic, and other pressing issues of our times. This interactive, 4-day program brings together owners and future owners of family enterprises around the world (virtually) to explore impact investing, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, political engagement, and other social impact strategies that can effect real change. Participant families will create an integrated strategy for their family’s social impact activities, learn how to measure impact and returns, and discover ways to unite the family around its social purpose to create a positive legacy.



What will the decade of the 2020s be like for family enterprises? This is the question at the heart of our latest research on the Future of Family Enterprise. We invite members of enterprising families to take our 30-minute survey to provide your unique perspective on the forces and trends that are changing the landscape for family enterprises, and the mindsets and practices required for family enterprises to prosper in this decade. A charitable donation will be made to an organization of your choice upon completing the survey. Thank you for adding your voice to this important research!  



In times of economic crisis, business owners and boards often face a wrenching decision: continue paying dividends to family members who are counting on them, or redirect the money to support a cash-strapped business? This article examines how family businesses have handled dividend distributions during COVID-19, and offers an approach for making this tough decision in times of crisis. Even more importantly, it provides guidance to proactively prepare to make this dividend decision before the inevitable next downturn or disruption.




Upcoming Programs


Building a Multigenerational, Family Enterprise Wealth Portfolio

LIVE, Online Program
September 13-15, 2021 (half-days)

Growing your family’s total wealth—all of your jointly-owned businesses, investments, and assets—across generations requires more than placing good bets. This live online program teaches families how to create a wealth development strategy that will withstand today’s challenges and build value through the next generation. Over three days, participant families learn to assess whether their family enterprise wealth portfolio is designed to grow the value they want to create, and develop skills for crafting their wealth development strategy to move into its next growth stage. Participants also explore the governance and leadership approaches needed to drive and support long-term value creation.


Making Family Councils More Effective

LIVE, Online Program
October 12-15, 2021 (half-days)

Family governance is needed more than ever in today’s turbulent environment. Family Councils must take an active, strategic role in preparing the family and its enterprise for the bold moves that will keep them adaptive and successful today and tomorrow. This advanced program for mature Family Councils includes faculty presentations, small group working sessions, self-reflection, analysis of your own Family Council, and active dialogue among participants and faculty.