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The real risk in an economic slump is that a family loses great value due to lack of liquidity to make it through difficult times. Only those business owners and investors who have the patience, steady plans, and adequate liquidity–or access to liquidity–to ride out the downturn will earn the upside of the recovery. Discover the 5 reasons why families are vulnerable to illiquidity, and how to overcome the short-term obstacles from the crisis to continue building long-term value for your family.



Accelerate your Digital Transformation

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Covid-19 is accelerating most business’ shift to digital. It has made possible changes in business models and investment approaches in 3 months that would have otherwise taken years. Family enterprises have no option but to accelerate their digital transformation. Join us on this live webinar as we offer guidance to the owners and leaders of family enterprises about their digital strategies.

July 16, 2020, 10:00 – 11:00 EDT



Family Offices are well positioned to break out of their traditional financial management role to centrally manage strategic activities for a family. But few Family Offices make this shift to more fully serve the family. Why do Family Offices remain confined in their scope, and what would persuade them to serve a larger function in the Family Enterprise?



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LIVE, Online Masterclass
September 16-18, 2020

In a crisis, a strong board of directors is essential to a family business. Covid-19 has put great pressure on boards to act amidst widespread uncertinity and volatility.

This masterclass provides directors and owners of family enterprises the time and space to:

Explore how a strong board rises to the challenge during turbulent times.

Reflect – with other family business directors and owners – on lessons from boards around the world during the pandemic.

Assess ways to stregnthen your board to guide your family business through future disruptions.

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Making Family Councils More Effective

LIVE, Online Program
October 5-8, 2020

Given the complexity of today’s world, Family Councils are needed more than ever, but must adapt to stay effective.

This 4-day, interactive program explores how to elevate your Family Council to a strategic role that pivotally helps the family succeed in the new economy by staying united and decisive, building key talent, and supporting its enterprise in today’s disruptive world.

This is an advanced program for sibling- and cousin-owned family enterprises that have had a Family Council in place for at least three years.

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Should I Join the Family Business?

Online Course
2-hours | Self-Paced

Coming soon!

As you explore whether to join your family business for your career, Professor John Davis thoughtfully guides you through a methodical decision-making process for this important life choice.

Your career decision feels complex because it is.

Use this course to do a full analysis of your situation, and make a clear, well-reasoned choice about whether to join the family business.

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