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Open Letter to Family Enterprises from CFEG

To Enterprising Families around the World,

In this important time in history, family enterprises face significant new challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Families have been catapulted into crisis management mode and are constantly adapting as the pandemic and its repercussions take hold. As you experience, first-hand, the shocks of this disruption, and witness its impact on individuals, families, companies, economies, and societies, it is critical to maintain cool heads and focus on what needs to get done—at every level of your Family Enterprise and in your communities.

We at CFEG believe that socially-minded, nimble, and united enterprising families will play a major role in meeting the needs of communities and nations in the coming days, weeks, and months.

You have our support to help you navigate this turbulence and plan for what lies beyond it.


The Owners and Boards of family companies must act—alongside CEOs and management teams—to steer their family businesses in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a place for all three parties to problem-solve. No one group has all the answers.

This is a time to gauge your family's resilience––and try to build more of it. An enterprising family’s goal is to not just cope with adversity, but grow stronger as a result of it. Here are ways to achieve that.


Their altruism, fast and innovative responses, and values-driven leadership demonstrate that families and family enterprises are guardians of their communities and companies, and problem-solvers for the pandemic.