November 2021
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Dear Neighbor,

Another active month has come to an end! October was certainly busy, but it was beautiful as the trees burst into color and the temperatures cooled. I hope you and your family are enjoying the fall festivals and activities that make our community such a wonderful place to live.

While I've enjoyed getting around the district, we have been hard at work at the Statehouse, and I'm always happy to update you on what we are working on. I welcome your feedback, and your emails, letters and phone calls are important to me. I can be reached by phone at 614-466-8060, e-mail at or through my social media pages listed at the end of this update.


State Senator Theresa Gavarone
2nd Senate District

Our veterans have given so much to protect us and our country. There is no way we can fully repay them for their sacrifice, but we must honor them as best we can.

I was proud to sponsor SB 250 with my colleague, and former Navy SEAL, Senator Hoagland to honor over 300 Ohioans and all Americans who have received our nation’s highest award of valor. SB 250, which would designate Ohio’s portion of U.S. Highway 20 as the “Ohio Medal of Honor Highway” and add Ohio to the list of states dedicating the entire highway as the National Medal of Honor Highway. 

SB 250 was amended into HB 291, which passed out of the Senate unanimously and is in the Ohio House for a concurrence vote. You can learn more about this legislation here.


I gave sponsor testimony in the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee on two of my bills: Senate Bill 54 and Senate Bill 25.

SB 54 is intended to help protect Ohioans from fradulent phone calls and scams. My staff and I have worked tirelessly with Attorney General Yost and his staff to get the bill to the place it is now so that we can help solve a problem nearly every Ohioan faces each day.  I appreciated seeing AG Yost give proponent testimony on the bill!

SB 25, would directly help individuals struggling with addiction. Also known as the ‘Relapse Reduction Act,’ the legislation will enhance penalties for predatory drug trafficking that occurs within 500 feet of a substance addiction services provider when a drug dealer knowingly targets someone who is participating in substance abuse treatment. The legislation would also prohibit the sale, manufacture and use of synthetic urine, which is commonly used to cheat drug tests.

I look forward to seeing both these bills progress through committee to protect Ohioans.

To learn more about these bills, please visit


Noor Abukaram is an impressive young woman who has made a tremendous impact for student-athletes in Ohio and our nation. I’ve been proud to partner with her on SB 181 to ensure that our student-athletes do not have to choose between the sport they love and their faith.

SB 181 passed out of the Ohio House Primary and Secondary Education committee unanimously last week, and I look forward to it receiving the full consideration of the House with a floor vote soon. 


I’ve been honored to be appointed as a leading Senate member on the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) during the last two General Assemblies. The Committee’s role is to provide legislative oversight over the rules promulgated by our state executive agencies. It is rare that we invalidate a rule, but that recently happened for the first time in 25 years.

The Senate supported HCR 35 in unanimous, bipartisan fashion to provide a necessary legislative check to the Ohio Department of Education. ODE proposed a rule change that would have removed the requirement for public and private noncharted schools to teach certain classes, including foreign language classes which are often required for entry into Ohio’s colleges.

HCR 35 invalidated this rule change to ensure the next generation and our economy can thrive for decades to come.

To learn more about the work of JCARR and HCR 35, click here.

It was a pleasure to speak to the Erie County Right to Life in Sandusky. I enjoyed getting to know the people there and share why I am proud to be pro-life. I have been unapologetic in my commitment to protect the unborn, but there is always more to be done to protect our most vulnerable Ohioans.

After months of work, it was an immense joy to see Ottawa County become part of a new mental health board! I joined the Board’s members, OMHAS Director Criss, and several elected officials for the media announcement and a roundtable discussion on mental health. I’m thrilled to see the positive impact the new board will have for Ottawa County residents!

Agriculture is essential to my district and the state as Ohio’s main economic driver. I was recently at Riker Farm Seed in the heart of my district with Treasurer Sprague to discuss the Ohio Gains Initiative with local farmers and the Wood County Farm Bureau. The more we can help our farmers grow their businesses, the better for them and all of the Buckeye State!

Protecting and nurturing our children is a priority for me. I learned so much on my visit to the Lucas County Children’s Advocacy Center about how they ensure our kids are safe and healthy. They do amazing work for the families in our communities.