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Dear Neighbor,

Fall has officially begun, and with it brings new opportunities at the Statehouse. Below you will find a preview of some of the legislation I am working on between now and the end of the year. 

I continue to fight to protect our first responders, help families in need, defend the Second Amendment, and preserve our nation's history. If you have any questions about the legislation below or any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (614) 466-8076 or at


State Senator Tim Schaffer
20th Senate District
(614) 466-8076
Senate Bill 16
  • Senate Bill 16 further protects Ohio’s first responder’s, including professional and volunteer firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and police officers as well as their families. Additionally, the bill introduces penalties for obstructing public streets making them impassable. Senate Bill 16 was passed by the Senate in June and is currently awaiting deliberation in the Ohio House.

Senate Bill 17

  • Senate Bill 17 would add anti-fraud and anti-waste measures for Ohio's food stamp, Unemployment Compensation and Medicaid public assistance programs. This will substantially cut down government fraud and waste while also protecting the truly needy. The bill reduces dependency, saves the state money, and helps families build themselves up.

Senate Bill 41

  • Senate Bill 41 would require those charged with rioting to pay for the damages from riots and the cost of the public safety response. We need to hold accountable those who act to harm or damage property, and ensure they pay for damages, not the taxpayers and businesses.

Senate Bill 59
  • Senate Bill 59, also known as the Ohio Veterans' Heritage Protection Act, provides protections for historic cannons and artillery like the Sherman Cannon in Lancaster. It is time that the state adopt legislation to protect these invaluable pieces of history from disappearing or being melted down for scrap. Senate Bill 59 passed out of the Senate in April and is currently under consideration in the Ohio House.

Senate Bill 185

  • Senate Bill 185 will protect the natural right of Ohioans to protect themselves and feed their families under any declaration of emergency. The Second Amendment does not have a pandemic/natural disaster clause, and this bill makes Ohioans safer by ensuring that they have the means to protect themselves and their families.

Senate Bill 228
  • Senate Bill 228 will require legislative approval before Ohio ever accepts extra unemployment cash beyond regular benefits from the Federal government again. We want to help people in need who have lost jobs, but the extra weekly benefit—when almost every employer is begging for workers—has been devastating to our economy and closed businesses.  Let’s get Ohioans back to work, and let’s get this economy moving again.
Senator Schaffer represents the 20th District in the Ohio Senate, which encompasses all or parts of Athens, Fairfield, Guernsey, Hocking, Morgan, Muskingum, and Pickaway counties. Learn more at