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I grew up knowing that America is the greatest country in the world. My father was an Army Green Beret, he taught me the importance of living in a free nation. On his uniform, he wore a flash that said De Oppresso Liber which means “To Free the Oppressed."

In my younger days, I lived in Central America, Panama. I remember when we stood to our feet as Old Glory was raised into position for all to see. Cars would stop and people would get out of their vehicles and stand at attention to respect the stars and stripes as it was raised. This was the same flag our forefathers passed to us
a symbol of sacrifice, of freedom, of pride, of history, of grit and glory. 

In such uncertain times one must remember that it's not about self; it’s about the people in front of you, the people to your right and left, the people behind you. Each one of us is woven into the tapestry of our flag. We each have our own story to tell.  I fought for this country because I love it more than I love myself.  I love this country even with its flaws. I love our flag and the sense of pride I feel to live in the land of the free. I hope this July 4th, as you celebrate with loved ones you remember the sacrifices that were made so that you could live free, I hope as you look upon our flag you'll pause for a minute and reflect on what Old Glory truly stands for.

I wish you and your families well and hope that you have a safe and healthy Independence Day.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office by phone at (614) 466-6508 or by email at .

Frank Hoagland
State Senator
30th Senate District


The Governor recently signed House Bill 481 which included $350 million of federal CARES Act funding to local communities to be used for COVID-19 pandemic-related expenses. 

It is necessary to ensure that local governments have the resources to maintain safe and crucial operations. The funding included in House Bill 481 directs much-needed funds to counties and local governments for the reimbursement and expenditures of significant medical, public health and safety operations as they battle this pandemic on the front lines.


Ohio Treasurer, Robert Sprauge, recently announced the COVID-19 Community Response Initiative. This tool is available to local governments and school districts to assist with liquidity strain in light of the pandemic allowing them to accelerate fiscal year cash flow and address shortfalls due to delayed revenue. This program will make access to capital markets more cost effective and simpler through creating a pooled short-term note issuance for those participating. The COVID-19 Community Response Initiative may also provide local governments with much needed interest cost savings in comparison to other options.

For additional information on this program, please reach out to my office or contact the treasurer's office directly at .


A new school lunch program is now available to help families buy food for their school age children. The federally-funded program, Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT), provides additional money those in need due to COVID-19 related school closures. Eligible families have children who receive free or reduced school meals under the National School Lunch Program. Program details include:

  • Ohio families will receive $5.70 per child for each day a school was closed due to COVID-19.
  • Children eligible for free and reduced-price meals as of March will receive a total of $302.10. Children that became eligible for free and reduced-price meals in April will receive $239.40.
  • Use P-EBT as well as grab-and-go meal sites to meet your children’s food needs.

The P-EBT Program will bring more than $254 million into Ohio’s economy, supporting local grocery stores and communities. An estimated 850,000 children in grades K-12 across Ohio will receive these funds. For more information visit or call 1-866-244-0071.


I firmly believe in our law enforcement and their critical mission.

These men and women stand their post with pride and professionalism. They are the peace-keepers that we give thanks to when we are hurting. They are the gate-keepers when we need security. They are the ones we look to when we are violated.

These men and women love this country more than they love themselves. They are the ones that borne the task of keeping the peace in our communities, cities and our nation.

Our men and women in blue hold the line on a daily basis. They stand for our flag and kneel for our fallen. I stand by my brothers and sisters in blue.

Thank you to all of our first responders.