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Although our Memorial Day commemorations may not have been traditional this year, it does not change the importance of this day.

Our nation's freedom has rested on those who borne the battle. This has been a costly price for many, and for some, the debt is too much to bear.

It is the mother, wife, father, sons and daughters that pay for their loss daily. It is that empty chair at the dinner table, that space that will never be filled. The tears that never dry up. A smile that can only be remembered. These men and women that fought and died in distant lands must never be forgotten. 

It is on Memorial Day that we set aside time to remember them all, but not just Memorial Day, every day we must remember. My heart goes out to all of the Gold Star Families. All that fought and died to keep this nation free from oppression...we must never forget. 

Be well,
Frank Hoagland
State Senator
30th Senate District

Economic development in Southeastern Ohio is continuing to advance. This month, it was announced that the Bill Theisen Industrial Park in Athens County will be supported with a $2.9 million grant form JobsOhio in partnership with the Athens County Port Authority. 

The grant will support site preparation for building construction by business occupants. The Port Authority intends to develop two speculative buildings on the site to attract and house local expanding companies and new employers to the county.

This investment is key for job creators looking to invest in southeast Ohio and it proves that job creation remains a top priority for our state and local governments. 

Funding to improve these sites was made available through the JobsOhio/OhioSE Site Initiative, a program that started in 2018 with a goal to assist distressed southern Ohio counties by creating competitive sites capable of winning new business investment.

As we move through the reopening phase, it is important that we do so in a responsible manner. COVID-19 is a constantly changing, new situation that Ohioans are facing. By the end of this month, 90% of Ohio's businesses can reopen, many safety protocols have been put into place to keep customers, employees, and families safe. 

If you need additional information on specific Industry related standards and requirements, please use the below link: 


The Ohio Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 310, authorizing the distribution of $350 million of federal CARES Act funding to local communities across Ohio for COVID-19 pandemic-related expenses. 

This funding will be made available to counties, municipalities and townships for necessary expenses associated with the current public health emergency and will be distributed based on the proportion of Local Government Fund revenue allocated to them in 2019.

It is imperative to get funding in the hands of our local governments as they are on the front lines of this pandemic. 

Senate Bill 310 was passed with an emergency clause, making the bill effective immediately upon being signed by the Governor. The bill is currently under consideration in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Many Ohioans are struggling to stay connected with loved ones, and this fact coupled with current events have left some of us feeling isolated, stressed, and anxious. The Ohio Department of Aging is combatting this by starting the Staying Connected Check-in Service. By staying connected, we can help one another overcome current challenges and distress.

Staying Connected is a FREE, daily check-in by phone for Ohioans age 60 or older. Registration is simple and you can choose the time of day ideal for you.

Visit the Ohio Department of Aging Staying Connected page: