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Dear Neighbor,
After some challenging months, I am optimistic that better days are ahead for our state. Ohio's stay-at-home order is no longer mandatory and Ohioans are starting to go back to work. While the coronavirus is likely to stay with us for the forseeable future, I am confident that Ohioans understand how to combat this threat going forward. In the meantime, I hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful start to the summer season and have the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

As always, please don't hesitate to contact my office if there is anything we can do to help you and your family. 


State Senator Kristina Roegner
27th Senate District
Getting Ohio Back to Work
I have heard from numerous constituents in recent months who are concerned about the shutdown of Ohio's economy. I share these concerns and have been working with my colleague, Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) to examine Ohio's statute governing quarantine and isolation orders. After reviewing the law, we decided that improvements must be made to ensure accountability and legislative oversight both in this process and in the future.

We introduced S.B. 311 to make three common-sense changes to the Ohio law governing statewide stay-at-home or business closure orders.  First, the bill requires that any statewide order closing Ohio businesses or directing Ohioans to stay at home for purposes of a public health emergency cannot exceed 14 days in duration, without explicit legislative approval. Second, the bill requires that any such order be directly signed by the governor, rather than issued by the Director of Health. Lastly, the bill ensures that local health boards across the state will have the opportunity to present information to the legislature to provide expert testimony and feedback upon the consideration of any order longer than 14 days. 

Senator McColley and I provided sponsor testimony to the Senate Health Committee just last week. Click below if you'd like to watch!

Protecting Ohio Elections
The Senate voted this month to pass legislation addressing concerns about protecting Ohio elections this fall. A Senate amendment to H.B. 272, which I was honored to co-sponsor, reaffirms that the time, place and manner of elections can only be set or modified by the General Assembly, not by any single state official acting in any capacity.

This provides a necessary protection for one of the most fundamental of our constitutional rights.

Safeguarding Religious Freedom
The Senate also passed language that ensures future protections for the free exercise of religion in our state. While Ohio has not closed churches during the COVID-19 crisis, this was a very real issue in other states.

An amendment accepted and passed as a part of H.B. 272 specifies that no state official can order closures of places of worship based on a geographic area--ensuring that religious freedom cannot be limited in Ohio by any future, less well-meaning, governor. 
Questions About Reopening?
My office has fielded quite a few questions about the reopening process for various businesses, churches, and organizations. A few highlights of the latest news are below, as well as the best places to get the latest information or to answer your questions. You can always visit

Any questions related to COVID-19 can also be directed to the Ohio Department of Health hotline at 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634).

  • At the local level, Wayne County residents can also reach out to the Wayne County Health Department by calling  330-264-9590 or visiting
  • Summit County residents reach the Summit County Public Health Department by visiting
     or by calling the COVID-19 hotline at 330-926-5795. 
  • Stark County residents can contact the Stark County Health Department by calling 330-493-9904 or clicking here.

Know Before You Go
As spring turns into summer, the roll out of traffic barrels will accompany rising temperatures. Save time when traveling by checking your route in advance. The Ohio Department of Transportation offers a great resource for this, "OHGO", where you can find the latest traffic, construction, and road information.

If you'd like a look ahead at what construction projects will be taking place in your area this summer, visit one of ODOT's sites below. Each page gives details on project timelines, detours, and offers a way to sign up for further updates.

  • Wayne County residents click here.
  • Summit County residents click here.
  • Stark County residents click here.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions or concerns.

This month the Senate voted to provide testing coverage for corrections offficers exposed to a disease while in the line of duty, to enhance quality of mobile dental care, to help Ohioans regain their driver's licenses, and to increase access to mental health services.

If you're interested in following what else is happening in Columbus, feel free to check out our website, where you can follow along with the legislative process, find a bill, follow committee activity and even watch sessions and committees live!

Senator Kristina Roegner represents the 27th Ohio Senate District, which encompasses portions of Summit and Stark County, as well as Wayne County. Learn more at