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Committment to Indigenous matters
Photo of ocean waves

NAIDOC week recently wrapped up. The FRDC continues its commitment to recognising the essential role Australian Indigenous Peoples have in caring for our waterways, by regularly funding projects in this space.

Image: 2021 National NAIDOC logo.

The project ‘Assessing the effectiveness of IRG R&D projects to deliver change’ has been recently funded and it focusses on progress of the long-standing Indigenous Reference Group that has been working towards a Fisheries Research, Development and Extension plan for Indigenous Australians since 2012.
The FRDC has also developed an Indigenous Reconciliation Statement of Intent which can be found on our

R&D outcome 3, outcome 4 and outcome 5.
Also in this issue blue carbon, a wide range of exciting opportunities, conferences and how microalgae can help you enjoy a greener brew.

What do mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes all have in common?
Photo of mangroves
Blue Carbon! Mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes are blue carbon ecosystems, capturing and sequestering organic carbon as well as supporting a diverse array of marine life.

The recent federal government budget allocated further funds to develop
Blue Carbon.  While these funds are important, just as important are researchers and community working together to improve blue carbon outcomes.  Blue carbon is synonymous with healthy ecosystems.

The upcoming week offers opportunities to dive deep into the topic. On 21 July, join a webinar on Unlocking the Blue Economy: is seaweed one of the keys?’, then on 26 July celebrate the UNESCO International Day for the Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems.

Melbourne to host World Recreational Fishing Conference
Photo of recreational fishers

Victoria has been successful in its bid for the 10th World Recreational Fishing Conference scheduled for 2023.

Melbourne’s bid is led by the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) in partnership with a number of local and national organisations including the FRDC.

Taylor Hunt from VFA led the bid team. Taylor is not new to working with the FRDC as he previously took part in the FRDC’s recreational fishing leadership training.

Rewarding Biosecurity efforts
Biosecurity photo
Nominations are now open for the 2021 Australian Biosecurity Awards.

The Awards recognise individuals, groups and organisations that have shown a commitment to supporting and promoting Australia’s biosecurity and the systems that uphold it.
Calling future leaders
Logo for Food Systems Summit 2021
Applications are also open for the Australian Rural Leadership Program, partially funded by the FRDC.

The purpose of the program is to seek out, inspire, motivate and develop leaders from rural Australia with a view to improving the competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of rural industries in an international context.
No risk, all gain
Logo for Blue Climate Initiative
Registrations for the World Fisheries Congress are now open.

With the theme of ‘Sharing our oceans and rivers – a vision for the world’s fisheries’, this will be the largest gathering of research, industry and management sectors to discuss the latest advances in fisheries world-wide. The World Fisheries Congress is the key international fisheries conference, aiming to foster cooperation and engagement in commercial, recreational and indigenous fisheries.

The Congress in due to take place on 20-24 September in Adelaide and the organisers are offering a no-risk registration. At this stage registrations are offered for in-person attendance or as a virtual participant, with a clause that will allow in-person tickets to be swapped for virtual ones if the COVID-19 situation worsens.

Partnering for Innovation
Photo for Farmers2Founders
The FRDC is soon to join Farmers2Founders, a world-first innovation program tailored to equip producers to act as front-line innovators. The program supports producers to develop entrepreneurship and technology capabilities, to solve critical industry challenges. 

Find out more here.
Microalgae for greener beer
Photo for greener beer
Fermenting beer produces carbon dioxide (CO2), which is usually released into the atmosphere.

To solve this issue, a craft brewery in Sydney, Young Henrys, has partnered with climate change scientists at University of Technology Sydney and developed
a way to use microalgae to capture that CO2, and turn it into oxygen.
Implementing the FRDC’s R&D Plan 2020-25
FRDC's Enabling Strategy and Outcomes image
Over the coming years, the FRDC’s investment will be guided by the key outcomes of our latest R&D Plan

There are five key outcomes and references to them are indicated in the stories above where relevant to highlight how our work and the work others align with the strategic intent of our new Plan.

The key outcomes are:
[1]  Growth for enduring prosperity
[2]  Best practices and production systems
[3]  A culture that is inclusive and forward thinking
[4]  Fair and secure access to aquatic resources. 
[5]  Community trust, respect and value.
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