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Plenty of reasons to try something new
Australians have access to thousands of locally-caught commercial fish species, but most people only consume a selected few. Why? Habit is a big part of it, but trying something new could deliver many benefits to your wallet, taste buds, and even the environment, as this article points out. And once you have bought a new species, if you need help with cooking suggestions you can ask your friendly fishmonger or visit our FishFiles resource.

If you are in the mood for something new of a different kind, in this issue of Message In a Bottle you will also find innovative ideas for extension in Agribusiness, new grants to improve mental health and a new survey from Agrifutures, plus more.
Grants for mental health from Seafood Industry Australia
Stay Afloat program logo
Seafood Industry Australia recently announced that applications are now open for seafood Community Resilience Grants of up to $2000, as part of the Stay Afloat program to support and improve the mental health of those in the seafood industry.

The grants are available for seafood communities around Australia to host community-led events that support discussions on mental health, well-being and connectedness. 

There are 35 grants in this first pilot program which is being rolled out in three industry-identified focus communities – Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Newcastle, New South Wales and Darwin, Northern Territory.
New FAO guidelines
Cover page of Guidelines to prevent and reduce bycatch of marine mammals in capture fisheries
The FAO recently released the “Guidelines to prevent and reduce bycatch of marine mammals in capture fisheries” as part of its Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fishing.

These Guidelines are directed at decision-makers and outline options for marine mammal bycatch reduction through the application of technical measures. The guidelines also address the future research and development needs for the prevention and reduction of marine mammal bycatch in capture fisheries.

The FRDC has been involved in this space for decades, has funded numerous projects to aid the reduction of aquatic mammal interactions, and will continue to support improvements in this area under
R&D Plan Outcome 2: Best Practice and Production Systems. For a summary of some of the projects funded to date view our database search or advanced search.
Are you an enabler of change?
Enablers of change is a platform sharing insights about different topics around facilitating change, particularly agricultural extension.

In this episode, the hosts provide a list of their top five podcast about extension, so you can get even more ideas to improve your outreach strategy.

Optimising adoption for transformation is critical to the FRDC and is an
Enabling Strategy under the new R&D Plan 2020-25.
Shhhh, please keep quiet.
Stay Afloat program logo
Recent research has highlighted once more how human-generated noise in the oceans is affecting many marine species. Marine mammals are extremely affected, but so are invertebrates, fish, marine birds and reptiles.

The FRDC is active in this space, especially around
investigating the impact of seismic surveys.

Research in this area supports the new
FRDC’s R&D Plan Outcome 1: Growth for Enduring Prosperity.

We need your ideas on solving problems together
AgriFutures is currently undertaking a study in partnership with Innovation Studios to explore how problems can be solved more efficiently and effectively across agriculture through collaborative innovation.

The first step in designing frameworks and methodologies that will work in Australian agriculture is to understand where we are today.

With this in mind, Agrifutures is wanting to hear from producers, research providers, RDCs, and other industry players in this
The 2021 FRDC Australasian Scientific Conference on Aquatic Animal Health and Biosecurity has been postponed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, and will hopefully be held in 2022. 
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