CSD eNews | January 2020
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Missouri Coalition Sets Sights on Child Development Accounts for All State Newborns

As Missouri’s 2020 legislative session begins, an expanding partnership seeks to boost the finances and health of the state’s residents. If the Missouri Child Development Account Coalition succeeds, every baby born in the state will automatically be the beneficiary of a Child Development Account, or CDA, to help pay for trade school, community college or university.
In St. Louis, Differences in Voting Conditions by Race, Income

Research from the Center for Social Development shows that where voters live can influence their ability to vote.
Financial Social Work is Emerging in China, Influenced by Pioneering Work at the Center for Social Development

As financial social work emerges in China, Michael Sherraden and Li Zou highlight its potential at two Chinese universities.
California Amendments Create Universal, At-Birth Child Development Account Policy

Amendments enacted on October 2, 2019, will affect all newborn children in California. The state became the third this year to adopt a universal, at-birth Child Development Account (CDA) policy.
Developments in the Fight for Fair, Affordable Housing in the St. Louis Region

The fight for fair and affordable housing has new momentum in one of the nation’s most segregated metropolitan areas. “Stable homes are a necessary component of healthy communities. This is an issue that affects all of us, whether or not we are directly experiencing a housing crisis,” said Molly Metzger.
Sawhill: Big-Impact Research, Data Access Needed to Help Working Class

Isabel Sawhill thinks too many researchers are more interested in publishing papers than making sure their work has major impact. “An awful lot of researchers are not asking the right questions,” says Sawhill. “We need to push scholars to do more research on big questions.”
Friedman: Spark Prosperity for Everyone to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Robert E. Friedman believes we can close the racial wealth divide in a generation. “I believe in the promise of this country … and in this community. St. Louis has become a symbol to the country of the results of racial inequity, and I think it’s leading the way to close the racial wealth divide, and to let America live up to its ideals.”
Second Voter Engagement Summit Brings Leaders to the Brown School

On September 12, 2019, at the Brown School, representatives from regional universities, Missouri and Illinois election board members and community organizations convened for the second Campus and Community Voter Engagement Summit.
Singapore's Financial Capability and Asset Building Project Expands to Nationwide Scale

Singapore initiated training in Financial Capability and Asset Building in 2017. It is kicking off its third phase: expanding to a nationwide scale.
McClendon Receives Andrew Young Award

For her work, Dr. Gena Gunn McClendon has been honored with the Ambassador Andrew J. Young Award for Outstanding Ethics, Service and Commitment to Family and Community.