September 11, 2018

Efficiencies in hospice are paramount.  What have you done to address patient medications that are started then stopped, or how have you dealt with patients moving locations? An EMR interface solution with your PBM provider could be the solution, but understanding these types of interfaces (see side bar for details) and what each PBM provider offers can be confusing.

Optum has made it easy for you.

As the industry’s leader, Optum has created technology to interface with any vendor, which includes data interfaces and/or CR8358 with the following EMR vendors that Optum has a strong working relationship with:

While most of the market has just started, Optum has the most EMR interface solutions than any other PBM vendor, which addresses the importance of hospice specific set-ups and downstream reporting. 

For years, Optum Hospice Pharmacy Services has lead the industry with its revolutionary technology solutions, aimed at improving efficiencies with innovative and flexible solutions.  Recently, Optum
announced it’s changing the hospice landscape, once again, with new solutions that save you time and money while advancing patient care.

So don’t let EMR interface technology pass you by.  Discover the benefits of sharing patient eligibility and medication info between your patient EMR system, thus eliminating the need for telephone calls, faxes and double data entry.

Contact Optum to learn more about your options in pharmacy services and EMR interfaces.