September 2018
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September 2018

September is here, which means school is officially back in session! As a member of the HUB Charter School Practice, don’t forget to reach out when insurance needs or questions arise. Your charter has access to numerous, no-cost resources that can take work off your shoulders and improve the risk management of your organization:

Insurance claim advocacy

Human Resource support

Risk Control services

In-house underwriting and analytics

To learn more, reach out to your HUB team or connect with a Practice Leader, contact info shown below.

In this Issue:
Zero to Sixty: Cyber Liability
Oct 15th Deadline for Medicare Part D Creditability Notices 
Claire Davis Act
Meet the Team   

Zero to Sixty: Uber's Wrong Turn

What's worse than a data breach?  Find out in this one minute video from HUB International on Uber's Wrong Turn. 


The Medicare Part D Creditability Notice October 15th deadline is fast approaching!

HUB International provides you with the Employer Annual Notices to include the Medicare Part D Notices each year when your medical policies renew. We suggest that these notices are distributed within 60 days of the renewal. However, if you did not properly distribute the Medicare Part D Notices this past year, please take note of the following final deadline requirement.

The Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) requires entities to notify Medicare eligible policyholders with a written disclosure notice prior to October 15th of each year. The notice must be provided to Medicare eligible active working individuals and their dependents, Medicare eligible COBRA individuals and their dependent, Medicare eligible disabled individuals covered under the entities prescription drug plan and any retirees and their dependents. Click here to keep reading.


Concerned about implications from the Claire Davis Act?

The potential impact of the Claire Davis Act continues to be a growing concern across charter schools throughout Colorado. Charter schools and their employees now have an obligation to exercise reasonable care to protect students, faculty, and staff from harm resulting from acts committed by another person. The Claire Davis Act provides legal recourse if a charter school fails to properly protect students from a violent event. So just how much liability do charter schools have in the event of a shooting? To find out more, click here
Meet your Charter School Practice Team
Gary Clark
Charter School Practice Leader
Employee Benefits 
HUB Colorado
Eric Slinger
Charter School Practice Leader
Property & Casualty 
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