August 2019
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August 2019

Well that wasn’t nearly long enough…the summer is ending and we are right back at it with audits, new employees and everything that goes with a new school year. Keep in mind as you face your daily challenges that HUB has numerous resources available to assist you in the projects that come across your desk. Whether you need help with a specific human resource project, are having issues with employee management or need help with a compliance issue, we can help!

Take a look at some of the timely information below and, as always, thanks for your trust!

Zero to Sixty Video:  Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying can happen on the playground or off, to adults or to children.  In the workplace, it's toxic behavior and includes: threats, humiliation, or intimidation of employees.  75% of workers have been affected by workplace bullying.  Click here to see this one-minute video.

Lightening Your Load

Benefits Management is one of the biggest challenges for Business Managers and Administrators. Managing the paperwork for open enrollment and getting employees enrolled in each product with each carrier can be challenging and time consuming. Numerous software tools exist in the marketplace to help benefit managers get a better grip on this process. These tools range from the higher cost and greater complexity of a Human Resource Information System all the way to tools with limited scope but come with no cost. If you want to learn more about which options might be available to you, reach out to your HUB benefits team. For general information pertaining to the HRIS landscape, learn more at HRIS Analysis and Selection.

Armed Security or SRO Requests

If you are looking for armed security or other SRO requests, we recommend that you reach out to three groups that represent the interests of SRO's in Colorado for advice on these programs. Please be advised to reach out to your local police or sheriff's office to start the conversation early, as these folks will be the ones potentially staffing the positions.

The first resource is Deputy James Englert, from Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office. James is an SRO and also the Region 10 Director of NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers). His email address is:

The second resource is Mark Edson, also an SRO with ACSO. Mark is the current President of CASRO (the Colorado Association of School Resource Officers) and his email is:

And finally, interested schools could contact Colorado POST (Peace Officers Standards and Training), as they coordinate the SRO training for new officers thru NASRO. Bob Baker is their Training Manager and an old deputy from Jeffco like me, his email is:

All three are very open to taking questions and championing SRO work in the state.

As for security guards, we would suggest that the school hire the most highly trained personnel they can.  SRO's are a much greater value added as they provide necessary security for a school, but are also huge when it comes to school climate, mentoring, education and community than a security guard that is hired solely to watch the doors.

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