Cory Smith, Environmental Health Specialist at the University of Colorado--Denver

Cory Smith
Environmental Health Specialist
University of Colorado
"The greatest thing I have learned as a professional is how to effectively interact with people from all walks of life. I started my professional career in Phoenix conducting restaurant inspections for the local health department. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant can speak of the interesting characters you will meet in the back of the house. One hour might see me interacting with Cuban refugees at a taco shop, then the next hour conversing with a classically trained chef at the country club. I quickly learned that in order for me to do my jobto protect public healthI had to change the way I communicated based on whom I was trying to communicate with. Developing a high comfort level of dialogue with someone resulted in better compliance and a more enjoyable experience for all parties."

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EPA Proposes New Rule to Address Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals in Healthcare Facilities and Reverse Distributors
The proposed rule concentrates on new controls on the delivery of unused and disused pharmaceuticals, reduction of pharmaceuticals disposed of through sewer systems, and definitions of new terms.

The American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment Boosts its Approach to Climate Change
The alliance of 650 colleges and universities updated its strategic plan to include stronger resilience, research, and student learning.

Associated Press Review Reveals Many Schools Not Properly Prepared for Active Shooter Scenario
The examination covered colleges and universities in more than 40 states. “That it’s actually happened recently with the frequency . . . everyone is frightened and asking a lot of questions about how well-prepared we would be as a campus."

Yale Partners with Danish Nonprofit MAD to Create Program Focused on Food Industry's Environmental and Political Issues
The initiative is scheduled to begin next summer. "The Yale Sustainability Food Program sees huge and unrelenting demand from students for academic opportunities to address the complicated issues that define our food systems."

EAUC Finds Large Majority of UK Colleges and Universities Don’t Highly Prioritize Sustainability
A poll conducted by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges revealed that just 16% of 548 sustainability staff surveyed believe their institution’s performance is “good” or “very good".

Clemson University Psychologists Aim to Enhance Drivers’ Night-time Vision with Technology Seen in Movie “Tron Legacy"
"Our job is to explore how to best merge developing technology with perceptual capabilities of drivers. If we’ve done that job well, then apparel and lighting technologies will be developed to create a safer world for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users."

Clemson University Research Team Receives $1 Million Grant to Design Optimal Operating Room
The team, led by a CU architecture professor, looks to tackle many contemporary issues that exist in the operating room, such as space efficiency, equipment design, and distraction potential.

University of Iowa Study Finds Burning Biomass Substantially Improves Air Quality
The campus power plant produces 40% less carbon-dioxide emissions and 90% less particulate matter via its 50/50 blend of oat hulls and coal, as opposed to burning coal exclusively.

Green Chemistry Program Leader John Warner Inspires University of Toledo Students, Looks to Further Expand Initiative
The Green Chemistry Commitment, created at the University of Massachusetts and found in 41 colleges in 26 states, strives to change the way chemistry students learn the principles and applications of the science.

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