Zack Adams
Assistant Director of Occupational Safety and Health Programs, Virginia Tech
"The most important thing I have learned in my professional career is to be patient but persistent. Change is slow within the complex environment of a university so it may take a long time to influence the culture. You can write the best programs and develop the most entertaining training possible, but unless you spend time building relationships, networking, identifying key stakeholders and policy makers, and establishing trust, you won’t be successful in your role."

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We have a call to action for all communities and committees. We need each group to designate a person to join the Technology Community of Practice. By doing so, it will help facilitate technology-based communications between our respective Communities.

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The Emergency Management Community of Practice created a survey as an effort to build its momentum within CSHEMA and better serve the emergency management needs of the membership. Click here to participate.

Sponsored by the Marketing, Communications, and Education Community of Practice, Best in 30! is a new series of programs intended to give you basic information about new programs, new software, and innovative thinking for EHS marketing and education.

Participants will connect via webcams and be actively engaged. Presentations are limited to 15–20 minutes and 10 minutes of questions. No lingering, no rambling—only our best in 30 minutes to accommodate your busy schedule.

Using the Power of Smartphones to Enhance Campus Safety
"Several years ago we did a perception-of-safety survey and one theme in student responses was that we weren't using technology to its fullest potential," said Chris Denninger, director of public safety at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Frequent Biological Mishaps and Concerns Suggest it's Time to Rethink Biosafety
"I believe that it is time for experts who advise on biosafety and biosecurity to learn from specialists in nuclear security,” writes Tim Trevan, international consultant on biosafety and biosecurity.

"Run, Hide, Fight" has Become Education Industry Standard for Active Shooter Protocol
Northwestern University is leading by example in the Run, Hide, Fight initiative, as university police runs an active shooter training program featuring videos and Q&A sessions for the campus community.

Purdue University Partners with Chinese Universities to Build New Transportation Safety Lab in Shanghai
Purdue engineering professor Andrew Tarko led the research partnership efforts for the construction of a new laboratory that will focus on traffic behavior, road design, safety management, and intelligent transportation systems in China.

Inaugural Campus Sustainability Month at the University of Arkansas Deemed a Huge Success
October on the Arkansas campus saw students, staff, and faculty learn in-depth about climate change, compete in bike races to promote and educate about cycling, watch and discuss a thought-provoking film concerning international hunger, and participate in the Project Green Challenge.

Vanderbilt University Researchers Gain Improved Understanding of Lithium Ion Battery Charging
The research team discovered that the use of iron pyrite quantum dots​, also known as "fool's gold," enables a more efficient charge. "It’s really a sweet spot for integrating small nanoparticles that can charge really fast."

Student Sustainability Leaders Congregate at Connecticut College for Premiere Symposium
"The message behind the entire weekend is that sustainability is about more than just the environment. To develop truly sustainable, long-lasting solutions to current challenges, we must understand holistic sustainability as an approach to problem solving."

University of Texas Student Government Passes Opposing Resolution of U.S. House's Safe Campus Act
The UT student government argues that the bill would limit how sexual assaults can be investigated by universities and law enforcement, as well as inhibit student reporting and the universities' ability to help.

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