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A Welcome From ASHM CEO: Alexis Apostolellis

Welcome to our November eNews - this month we ask you to join us in celebrating 30 years of ASHM in the sector, with a special event on November 14, alongside the ASHM AGM, and invite you to view our new annual report.

Looking back on 2019, we thank Stuart Loveday for his leadership as Hepatitis NSW CEO, and extend a warm welcome to Steven Drew taking up the role, and Jane Costello as CEO of Positive Life NSW. Finally, we join other NSW organisations in condemning the proposed Mandatory Testing Laws and remind healthcare professionals of our HIV Legal Resource

November 2019: ASHM Celebrates 30 Years

Much has changed since ASHM began as a small group of specialists. New technology and treatments have transformed the face of our sector, and indeed ASHM itself, but our values and vision remain the same. ASHM has been privileged to expand our remit more recently to include viral hepatitis, HTLV-1, and working beyond the borders of Australia and New Zealand. ASHM looks forward to further supporting our regional workforce across Asia and the Pacific, and collaborating to share lessons, strategies and experiences.

ASHM is proud to be entering our fourth decade working to support the health workforces. This milestone encourages us to reflect on the dramatic changes in medicine, treatment and prevention; in recognizing the strength and resilience of our peers, affected communities, and the many other organisations with who we’ve built long term partnerships. Our achievements wouldn’t be possible without this generosity of time, input and expertise.

The integral role of primary care workers, from both general practice and nursing, has been increasingly recognized as an absolutely critical part of our response to HIV, both in diagnosis and clinical management, but also in delivering ongoing treatment and care in community contexts.

To see more on our shared history and some of ASHM's key milestones, please click through here.

Please join us on 14 November 2019 to celebrate the achievements of ASHM, our partners and our members over the past thirty years. We invite you to hear from a unique panel of past presidents, board members and passionate colleagues, to share and remember our histories, and to reflect on just how far we’ve come.

Panellists will include past presidents Marilyn McMurchie, Edwina Wright, Jenny Hoy, Sharon Lewin, Andrew Grulich, Liz Dax, and Ben Cowie. Our AGM will begin after the panel discussion, and there will be food and drink provided alongside the announcement of three new honorary life members. Email to register!



ASHM has launched hepatitis C point-of-care (PoC) online learning modules for community practitioners: The modules are designed to introduce practitioners to PoC testing and cover options for sample collection, pathway to diagnosis and sharing results. See more here.

ASHM International Supporting the Viral Hepatitis Response in Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Kiribati: ASHM International, with the WHO Division of Pacific Technical Support has provided technical assistance to the Ministries of Health of Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Kiribati to strengthen the viral hepatitis response in the Pacific region. Viral hepatitis is a high burden of disease throughout the Pacific and an increasing health security threat. ASHM with collaborating partners carried out scoping missions in the four pacific countries between May and September this year. See more on the projects here
Photo courtesy of Dr Gail Matthews. 

Get PrEP’D: The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) Get PrEP’D campaign - a national PrEP video based resource for gay and other men who have sex with men. Clinicians might consider referring patients or clients to this campaign as a resource. See the website, range of videos, and Get PrEP’D Facebook page for more.
The National Prisons Hepatitis Education Project: A needs assessment and scoping exercise is currently underway with national stakeholder consultation occurring to identify areas of need for HCV education within Australian prisons. See more.

Parliamentary Friends for Action on HIV/AIDS, Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmitted Infections (HIV/AIDS, BBV&STIs): ASHM recently participated in a joint Parliamentary Friends for Action meeting at Parliament House in Canberra, alongside peak organisations Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, Hepatitis Australia, National Association for People With HIV Australia, Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Worker Network and Australian Injecting & Drug Users League. The first meeting uunder the leadership of Mr Tim Wilson MP, provided parliamentarians from all parties an opportunity to gain increased understanding of the role of primary care. See more.

Single Sign-On for ASHM Sites: ASHM is pleased to announce an upgrade for signing in to ASHM sites.  myASHM and LMS (Learning Management System) have been streamlined with the same user email and password. Once logged in here, select 'Change Password' to update your password for all our sites.

"This year our strategic plan was further detailed; we had significant shifts in our work culture and infrastructure; rolled out more training; created more resources, policies and courses, and our events and conferencing team produced some incredible and well-attended meetings"

- Alexis Apostolellis, ASHM CEO


ASHM Office

We welcome Emily Wheeler back to ASHM: 
Emily has been employed on a short term basis to consult with current staff and key external stakeholders to identify current gaps in our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program and our sexual health program, including associated partnerships and collaborations.
Emily previously worked for ASHM for 7 years, with the last few as manager of the Sexual Health Program and the Nursing Program.  


ASHM Conferences
2020 Conference Dates:
12th Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference
16 - 18 August 2020
Brisbane, Queensland

See the VH18 report back page
Australasian HIV&AIDS and
Sexual Health Conference

21 - 24 September 2020
Melbourne, Victoria 

See the 2019 report back page

9th International Conference on
Hepatitis Care in Substance Users

8 - 10 October 2020
Glasgow, Scotland