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Building Success
August 2019

This is the third of a series of six newsletters on Agri Business Law. The newsletters will be published bi-monthly, and will deal with the life cycle of a farm from start-up to disposition.

Ian Shewan
Practice Group Leader

Lerners' Business Law Group
What A Farmer Needs To Know About Legally Hiring Migrant Farm Workers

Farming is a niche work opportunity making it difficult for farmers to find good employees. Hiring migrant farm workers is a solution that many farmers turn to, however, there are federal and provincial laws that can make this hiring practice more complex than others. For those farmers who have navigated this process, it has been very helpful for their farm operations, and in many cases they end up with hardworking, excellent staff.

Let’s take a deeper look at the requirements for hiring migrant farm workers in Ontario.

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The Importance Of A Farm Health And Safety Plan

As a farm owner, you are ultimately responsible for the health and safety of everyone in a business. The goal of a good health and safety plan is to ensure everyone working on or visiting the farm is involved in protecting themselves and others from injury or illness.

In this article, we will outline how to develop a farm safety plan that will help provide you and your employees with peace of mind on the job.

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