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Boston Children's Hospital's Technology Development Fund (TDF), administered by the Technology and Innovation Development Office, announced the recipients of the 2016 TDF awards. The TDF is a seed-stage catalyst fund dedicated to translating BCH's high-impact technologies, including devices, therapeutics, vaccines and digital health, into later-stage opportunities sought by industry partners and investors. 

Highlighted Technologies

CD45 phosphatase inhibition as a treatment for heart disease and fibrosis
Keywords: Therapeutics, Allergy/Respiratory/Pulmonary disease, Heart disease
Lead Investigators: Joyce Bischoff, PhD

Novel antibiotic from a Costa Rican fungus
Keywords: Therapeutics, Research tool, Infectious disease, Assay
Lead Investigator: Paula Watnick, MD, PhD

Novel adjuvant supplement to boost vaccine efficacy
Keywords: Therapeutics, Vaccine, Immunology, Assay
Lead Investigator: Jonathan Kagan, PhD

Engineered antibody class switch recombination
Keywords: Therapeutics, Research tool, Immunology, Antibody
Lead InvestigatorsRoberto Chiarle, MD

Getting academic diagnostic discoveries to market: 6 tips from industry

Three diagnostics industry leaders discussed business obstacles in the field and how scientists interested in developing new diagnostic tests can work with industry to bring new products to market at a recent panel at Boston Children's. 

Boston Children's Startup News

Magenta Therapeutics, co-founded by Derrick Rossi, PhD, investigator, Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, launched with a $48.5M Series A financing. The company is developing therapeutics that unlock the power of stem cell biology and bone marrow transplant. The round was led by Third Rock Ventures, LLC and Atlas Venture. Magenta has access to a portfolio of breakthrough stem cell technologies developed at Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Orchard Therapeutics, co-founded by David Williams, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at Boston Children's, and President, Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, and Alessandra Biffi, MD, Director, Gene Therapy Program, was named to FierceBiotech’s 2016 Fierce 15 list.

Circulation was launched. The company, co-founded by John Brownstein, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer, and Jared Hawkins, PhD, Director of Informatics, both in the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator, joined forces with the ride service Uber to pilot a non-emergency medical transportation platform.

Morphic Therapeutic, co-founded by Timothy Springer, PhD, Investigator, Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, completed a $51.5 million Series A financing to advance multiple programs into the clinic. The round was co-led by SR One and Pfizer Venture Investments, joined by Omega Funds and AbbVie Ventures. The company was formed to create the first oral integrin therapies for a wide range of diseases, leveraging discoveries from Dr. Springer’s lab.

Fate Therapeutics, co-founded by Leonard Zon, MD,  Director, Stem Cell Program, has raised $57 mil­lion through a pri­vate place­ment of shares. The company expects to use the proceeds to advance its pipeline of programmed cellular immunotherapies.