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  • Free rent with long term commitment
  • 4000 Cube, Steel Bodied
  • Rapid Discharge
  • 286K GWR

Dear Julie Mink,
Tealinc, Ltd. has fifty-one (51) steel bodied open top hopper railcars coming available for sale or for lease. We're eager to get the cars leased and as such are offering three (3) months rent free with a long term lease commitment. Pricing and term are negotiable so contact Tealinc with your interest.

Tealinc may also have a group of approximately fifty (50) steel bodied, manual discharge open top hopper cars coming available for sale or lease. Contact Tealinc to discuss options. 

Looking to buy, sell or lease railcars, need help getting started in rail or need help evaluating your fleet? Contact Tealinc Today!

  • Options may come available
  • 4000 Cube
  • Steel Bodied
  • Manual Discharge
  • 30-42 Degree Slope Sheets
  • Rotary Couplers