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Dear Customer,

Tealinc, Ltd. is now offering our 52' mill gondolas for immediate use. Gondolas are a versatile railcar suitable for loading multiple commodities including but not limited to steel, pipe, scrap metal, aggregate, ballast, ties, rip-rap, maintenance of way equipment, etc. Contact Tealinc for more information and schedule your inspection today!  

While we're featuring our mill gondolas today, we have a variety of covered hoppers, open top hoppers, flatcars, and a locomotive listed on our website or contact us direct if you have a specialized railcar need. 

Looking to buy or sell railcars, need help getting started in rail or need help evaluating your fleet?
Contact Tealinc today!  

  • 2494 Cube
  • Steel Bodied
  • Built in 1980, Interchangeable thru 2030
  • 200,697 lbs. Average Load Limit
  • 268K GWR