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EDC to Host Two Events in the Fall
This fall EDC will host its second A Break to Educate event on Tuesday, September 17th from 11:30AM to 1:00PM.  The topic will be EDC's Boroughs Collaborative. 
Attendees will gain greater insight into the key role Boroughs play in Lancaster's economic landscape and the work being done by EDC, its partners and a growing number of volunteers to support further growth in these anchor communities.  Registration for this free event will open at the beginning of August.

EDC's signature Annual Meeting will be held at 7:30AM on Tuesday, November 5th at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square.  Invitations will be distributed electronically in early fall.  Mark your calendars now!
Consumer Sentiment & Lancaster's GDP

EDC's Center for Regional Analysis did some preliminary research on the relationship between the US Consumer Sentiment and Lancaster's GDP.  The data shows how consumer confidence has tracked since 2001.  Focusing on this year's numbers, it remains high despite increased questions around the strength of our economy.  As a monthly data point, consumer confidence is one of the closest real-time barometers of where the economy may be headed.  Good news is that it continues to track well above the long-run average.
Boroughs Collaborative Action Team Volunteers

EDC has tapped a broad range of private sector, non-profit and government volunteers to bring diverse thinking and energy to five strategies underpinning the long-term community and economic success of Lancaster's boroughs.  Thank you to all of the partners and individuals who have joined the effort to date!  

To see the full list of Action Team members,
click here.  To learn more about the Boroughs Collaborative initative, please contact EDC staff member Ezra Rothman.
Boroughs Collaborative
Focus on Local Economy

Lisa Riggs' latest column in LNP, "Anticipating the next economic downturn", ran on June 30th.  It featured insight from an informal poll conducted at EDC's Member Briefing in early June and initial research from the Center for Regional Analysis regarding Lancaster's economy pre- and post- 2008-09 recession.  

To read the full column, ​​click here.