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  • Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative media training and Lifespan launch
  • Immunisation quarterly update
  • Links to new resources available for GPs and other health professionals

A word from our CEO: Dianne Kitcher

The Illawarra Shoalhaven continues to work together as part of the Black Dog Institute's LifeSpan suicide prevention trial. Late last month, the Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative offered local media, communications professionals and community spokespeople the opportunity to undertake Mindframe media training which encourages responsible, accurate and sensitive representation of mental illness and suicide in the Australian mass media.

Today the Collaborative is officially launching Lifespan in the region in Kiama. The launch is a great chance to find out what’s happening in suicide prevention in the region and how you too can get involved. The event will also be used to mark R U OK? Day. Find out more

We recently released the latest quarterly update on immunisation rates to June 2017. Overall vaccination rates for children in South Eastern NSW remain higher than the NSW state and Australian national averages for all ages, however there are some areas where immunisation rates are potentially too low to prevent the outbreak of disease. 

The results show 94.9% of children aged 1 year in South Eastern NSW were fully immunised for their age, with the Australian national figure of 93.9% for this age group. For two year olds, the percentage is 90.9%, while the national average was 90.5%. In addition, 95.1% of children aged 5 years were fully immunised, compared to the Australian national figure of 93.9% for this age group.

Recorded immunisation rates for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children aged 1 and 2 years continue to be lower than overall population figures. However, rates for both the entire year of 2015-16 as well as for more recent figures from the June 2017 quarter, indicate that the immunisation rates for children aged 5 years were higher than the overall population (all children) rates in the region.

As the South Eastern NSW PHN, we will continue to work with primary health care providers including Local Health District, local GPs and community health staff to maintain and increase our region’s coverage rate. Find out more here.

Dianne Kitcher