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While budget season is over, legislation and policy discussions continue at the Statehouse. I am working on issues of gun safety, crisis nursery facilities and other legislation important to the growth of Ohio. I hope you enjoy my latest newsletter.
As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding issues that are important to you, you are always welcome to reach out to my office by phone at (614) 466-8056 or by email a


State Senator Matt Dolan
24th Senate District 
On September 28th, I hosted another town hall meeting to discuss the pending legislation and ideas that are important to you. With over 70 people in attendance, we were able to engage in topics ranging from health care costs, renewable energy and public safety.
I want to thank all of those who attended and for allowing me to discuss the work I am doing to represent the 24th Ohio Senate District. 
Manufacturing makes up 50% of Northeast Ohio’s economy, but while revenue is growing, the number of people entering the workforce remains stagnant. Workforce Connect, which is a collaboration lead by MAGNET, or The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, Greater Cleveland Partnership and industry leaders, aims to tackle this problem.

This collaboration plans to partner with educational providers, connect people with the right job and advocate for a career in manufacturing. They hope to recruit 3,000 people by year 2021 to fill the jobs in Northeast Ohio necessary to grow the industry and economy.
I recently introduced Senate Bill 221 which is Governor DeWine’s STRONG Ohio initiative to reduce gun violence in our state. I believe this legislation will make a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives and their safety. STRONG Ohio addresses safety protection orders, enhances background checks, establishes greater penalties for gun violence and requires rigorous constitutional due process.
Safety Protection Order
One of the primary goals of Senate Bill 221 is to separate an individual who is a danger to themselves or others from their weapons and get them the necessary treatment. An involuntary medical exam can be ordered to determine one, treatment for the individual, and two, is the individual fit to have access to firearms. If after a full due process hearing, the probate court finds the individual is prohibited from having weapons, law enforcement or family members can safely remove the firearms from the individual. The individual is not returning to their home before the guns are removed. STRONG Ohio is the only bill introduced that separates dangerous individuals from their guns, protects our police officers and ensures troubled individuals get the treatment they need so no gun violence ever occurs.
Enhanced Background Checks
STRONG Ohio creates a sellers’ protection order for private gun sales. This allows a seller to require the purchaser to first pass a background check before the sale of a firearm. While the critique of this portion of the bill is that it is not mandatory, there are enhanced criminal penalties if you sell to someone who is not able to own a firearm. If no background check is done and such an illegal sale occurs, the seller faces three years in prison. Additionally, this bill will improve background checks databases by timely adding protection orders and arrest warrants for serious crimes into state and federal law enforcement databases ensuring more accurate background checks.
Greater Penalties for Mishandling Firearms
Finally, the bill will enhance penalties for persons who sell or provide a gun to someone prohibited by law from possessing a firearm. A judge will have a new range of enhanced sentences for felony cases when a gun was used, possessed or brandished. The bill increases the penalty for those who are found with a gun while under a prohibition from possessing a firearm. The penalties for straw man purchases and selling a gun to minors are also increased under STRONG Ohio.
School groups that tour the Ohio Statehouse can now apply for a transportation grant. Applications will be accepted from October 23 to October 28. Check out the Ohio Statehouse website for details.
Stella Marris, located in Downtown Cleveland, recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for their 13,000 square foot detoxification unit expansion. This represents the first phase of their two part plan to treat and provide services to those who suffer from drug and alcohol dependency and expand care to over 3,000 people.

With the opioid epidemic continuing to hit Ohio family’s, this added space for treatment is much needed in our community. Stella Marris has played a crucial role helping Greater Cleveland recover for the past 70 years. In addition to providing addiction and detoxification services, they also offer recovery housing for those reentering the community after treatment, workforce preparation and family counseling.
If you would like to learn more about the services that Stella Marris offers or connect with them click 
October 26th is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. This day provides an opportunity for all of us to help prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths by getting rid of any unwanted, unused or expired prescription medications in your home.
Locate a collector site nearest you by clicking here.
Senator Matt Dolan represents Ohio’s 24th Senate District, which contains a portion of Cuyahoga county. Learn more at To download a high-resolution photo of Senator Dolan for your use, click here.