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Together, We Can Achieve a World Without AIDS
Do you remember the world before HIV/AIDS? Where will you be when the shadow of this disease is finally gone?

We have seen major advances in preventing and treating HIV/AIDS—but millions of people are still becoming infected and dying. This World AIDS Vaccine Day, we stand proudly beside our many partners and supporters, and together reaffirm our commitment to finding a vaccine that will help rid the world of HIV/AIDS.
Snapshots from the Quest for an AIDS Vaccine
Hear directly from people who will benefit most from an AIDS vaccine—and those who are working to make a vaccine a reality.
Some Recent Science News from IAVI and Partners
New Point of Attack for Vaccine Designers

Scientists from IAVI and The Scripps Research Institute recently discovered a new vulnerable site on HIV that antibodies can attack to prevent infection from a broad range of the virus’ many variants. 


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