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Managing Editor
Kristen Jill Kresge
Contributing Writers
Michael Dumiak
Michael Keller
Mary Rushton
Senior Production Manager
Nicole Sender
Volume 20   |   Issue 3   |   2016
Feature Articles
Europe Invests in HIV Vaccine Research
Talent-rich but comparatively resource-poor and under intense political pressure, the European Union launches a pair of research initiatives under a €45 million umbrella. Read more...
AIDS 2016: Significant Progress but Still an Uphill Battle
Faltering prevention efforts and funding questions combine with excitement about cure and vaccine research to paint a complex picture of the AIDS epidemic in its fourth decade. Read more...
A Career Defined By AIDS
The Ugandan physician and global health champion Alex Coutinho talks about his career in HIV/AIDS and his belief in the importance of a vaccine. Read more...
In Brief
HVTN 702 Efficacy Trial Ready to Launch in South Africa Read more...
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