Update from APLU BAA Academic Programs Section
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TO:      APS, NARRU, and Canadian Colleagues
FROM: Wendy Fink, Executive Director of BAA Academic Programs Section
RE:      APS News Update 1-9-18

This is a quick note to let you know the following important information for APS, NARRU, and Canadian Colleagues. 
  • The APS Innovative Teaching Awards are now open. The current RFA closes May 25th, 2019. There will be 10 awards given, open to any American or Canadian faculty that meet the criteria.
  • The 2019 call for nominations for the  USDA Excellence in College and University Teaching Awards has not been published yet, and with the current government shutdown dragging on, it may be quite a while before they are able to publish it. For that reason, I am passing along the suggested changes APS sent to USDA for the 2019 awards. While I cannot guarantee that USDA will implement these changes, they have, in the past, often accepted most of the suggestions. At this time, March 15th will likely be the deadline for the 2019 awards. If, however, the shutdown continues much longer, it will not be surprising if the Department extends the deadline on these awards.   
  • Don't forget to register for the APS/NARRU Joint Winter Meeting prior to Feb. 1st to avoid increasing fees. 
  • Finally, Kansas State University has a job announcement: KSU Animal Sciences Position Announcement
I hope you are all having a great semester.