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WHAT is Socially Responsible Investing?

SRI aims to provide financial return while also encouraging positive social change through a set of guiding principles that are sustainable, socially conscious (or ‘green’), and ethical.

WHO is more likely to be interested in SRI?

While all investors should be taking an interest in Socially Responsible Investing, a survey conducted by the Responsible Investing Association has found that 77% of Canadians are interested in SRI. Millennials who took part in the survey had a greater interest (85%), versus those from the boomer generation (69%).

HOW can you put your own SRI strategy into place?

Whether it’s promoting diversity in your school, protecting the environment, or making some other form of positive impact at the local, national, or global level—decide on the impact you’re looking to make and then work with a financial advisor to find socially responsible investments that align with your values.

Learn more by reading: Socially Responsible Investing—what it is and why it matters to education members.


Happy socially responsible investing!


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