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April 5, 2017
Every year when I attend the Arizona REALTOR® Convention, I am blown away by how well organized it is, the quality of speakers, the creative fun stuff that gets thrown in…and the fact that such a small group of people pull it off each year. I know how much work goes into organizing this event. Thank you again for a wonderful, educational and fun convention.
Joan Backman, Central Arizona Board of REALTORS® Executive Officer
Risk Management Exchange
Members of the Arizona REALTORS® 2017 Risk Management Committee share some key issues that are being addressed on national and state levels.
Tech Tools & You
VP of Business Services & Technology Nick Catanesi explains how to safeguard AAR eSign signatures in the first part of his state convention review.
Appraisals: Working Together
Love or hate them, REALTORS® must work with appraisers. A 26-year veteran appraiser talks openly about what both sides can do to improve the relationship.