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February 2019

Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

We continue to see remarkable growth in the Tech sectors for Emerging Companies, and we feel very lucky to play a part in our clients’ successes. We believe that every company at some level is a “Tech company,” and if a company is looking for rapid growth and scalability, it is imperative that it embraces technology.

Like our clients, we at Mintz are experiencing rapid growth, and we continue to expand and build out our Tech-focused team to meet our customers’ needs. In particular, we would like to highlight that Will Perkins and Dinesh Melwani recently joined our Boston office as partners. Their focus is on all things Tech and Emerging Companies — and they are an amazing addition to our team. Additionally, in response to the many savvy investors who have asked us to act as their legal counsel in the creation of various investment vehicles, we have added Loretta Shaw-Lorello to our team. Loretta is a seasoned fund and 1940 Act counselor and is a partner in our New York office.

We continue to assemble a team of world-class professionals who can handle the needs of any Tech company from concept to exit. Additionally, with the growth of our fund practice, we are positioned to help all players in the Emerging Companies ecosystem. We are here to help build companies and to work with investors who wish to invest in this extraordinary asset class.

We lead off this edition with a thoughtful article on issues for emerging companies to consider when dividing and sharing equity. We then follow with an important (and technical) article about issues relating to giving certain directors disproportional rights and controls. Finally, we are including one of our recent podcasts relating to positioning your enterprise for a sales process.

As always, we welcome your questions and inquiries, and be sure to visit our website for emerging companies @ Sign up here to receive email alerts when new articles are posted to

Sincerely yours,
Dan + Sam


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